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Pascal looked for QUALITY:

Thanks to our GLOBAL NETWORK and his stellar reputation for over 17 years, Pascal has a talent for setting his Clients at ease, earning their trust, understanding their wants and needs. People are my passion and it is important that our Clients feel well cared for and protected, knowing we have their best interests at heart, with our years of local experience.
Pascal is a savvy GREEN certified, and paperless e-Pro Broker Associate using the most modern Technologies available in this ever changing business / Market in the Gulf Coast area of Florida & Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. He takes every detail into account, able to guide his Clients and their advisers through every step of the way.
With over 80 Total Sides Closed in 2016 alone, he has proven to handle the toughest negotiations with a calm demeanor and sound business mind. He brings invaluable experience and expertise, and is recognized for his intuitive instincts, critical thinking, and creativity.
With all that in mind, this is what gives you the High Service and Standards YOU can depend on to make the sale or purchase of Your Property as effortless and seamless as possible.
How can you not List & Buy with Pascal
Pura Vida means “pure life” and is not only a saying in Costa Rica: it’s a lifestyle, and a pretty meditating one!
Costa Rica was named the Top #1 Happiest Country, based on various sources including Forbes, the Happy Planet Index and the World Happiness report. With its plentiful natural beauty, pristine beaches and inviting weather year-round, it’s no surprise they take the cake. Whether you relax on the beach, climb a volcano, surf top breaks you can be sure you will be happy & filled with


Founder of EcoGanicO

Pascal Schreier

“In order to provide the highest level of service possible to my clients, I only work for those with whom I have a signed agency agreement. With sellers, that means a listing agreement. With buyers, that means a buyer representation agreement. Without that agreement, I not only don’t represent you, but I can’t represent you. Because without that agreement, you’re a customer, not a client, and I will owe my allegiance to the seller. This is true not only for me, but for all agents, whether they mention it or not.”

My clients deserve my undivided loyalty and priority scheduling. Therefore, I exclusively serve buyers and sellers with whom I have this Bilateral Trust & Understanding.